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Shakespeare and Covid-19

To begin with the UK Government saw it as Much Ado About Nothing and that it was merely a Winter's Tale.

However, they have clearly now understood it is a Tempest and the Comedy of Errors has made a public appearance on TV to tell us all we must live our lives Measure for Measure for 3 months, so we can perhaps look forward to a Midsummer Night's Dream.

Some have fled our lands for safer places such as Canada - as has one of the Merry Wives of Windsor and her husband, Henry (at least, in Part).

So, now is the time to be vigilant, even if you find you are unemployed and your Love's Labour's Lost.

Then, if you discover you have a Titus Andronicus, stay at home with your family and play games like Othello, at least until the Twelfth Night.

Finally, please do not 'panic buy' - especially toilet rolls. None of this should have any effect on your Coriolanus - unless, of course, that's As You Like It!

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